The Ewe people are of Hebrew origin – Togbe Adabra IV

While a lot of accounts on the origin of the Ewe people have been traced to Nigeria, the Mankrado of Gbledi Gbogame, Togbe Adabra IV, has revealed that they actually take their roots from the original Hebrews. 

According to him, this can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Speaking on the Afadjato edition of Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, hosted by Kwame Dadzie, Togbe Adabra IV said from the scrolls, Abraham was referred to as Abraham the Evreh. 

“There was a time when Nebucadnezzer launched a war against the Palestinians and a group of the Hebrews escaped from that war. They went to Egypt, then to Sudan then to Ethiopia all the way down  to the Niger,” he said.

Togbe said the people stayed in the Niger area for while, just before the Mali and Songhai Empires. 

“So when the Songhai defeated the Mali then our people moved again into Nigeria to a place called Ile Ife. 

He said the Ewe people were there when the Oyo State sprung up. 

After feeling persecuted, they moved to establish the Tado settlement in Western Benin. They then migrated to Dogbonyigbo before moving to Ŋɔtsie. 

At Ŋɔtsie, they were largely unified as group under several Kings including Agɔ and Agorkoli. 

It is said that the brutality of Agɔkɔli made the Eve’s decide not to form large states with oppressive leaders any longer. 

When they left Ŋɔtsie, they first moved to a place called Daƒe then to Tsevie from where they dispersed to all parts of now Ghana, Togo and Benin. Between the Volta River in Ghana and beyond the Mono River in Benin.

In general, there are mainly 18 sub-tribes of Eʋe people.

The Afadjato edition of ‘Showbiz A-Z’, was part of Joy FM’s Ghana Month activities to promote Ghana’s culture in March, the month of Ghana’s independence. 

After a successful edition of the outdoor programme in Cape Coast in 2021, there was a encore in Kumasi where the team discovered Asanteman’s rich tourist centres and culture. 

The programme also hosted Togbega Homatekpor V, the Paramount Chief of the Gbledi Traditional Area; Alexander Kwame Nketia, Volta Regional Director of Ghana Tourism Authority, and Chief Moomen, poet, playwright and creative entrepreneur. 

The Acting Chairman of the Afadjato-Tagbo Eco-Tourism Centre, Kuma Gavi, was also on the panel.

The Afadjato edition of the show was powered by Joy Entertainment, supported by Adansi Travels. 

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