TV3 New Day hosts Berla Mundi, Cookie Tee, Owuraku Ampofo and Roland Walker serve regal kente looks on TV

Co-hosts of TV3 New Day – Berla Mundi, Cookie Tee, Owuraku Ampofo and Roland Walker – kick-started Ghana Month on TV with a rich display of culture.



The quartet were clad in bespoke Ghanaian kente befitting of the occasion on Friday morning to the delight of viewers at home and netizens.

Several commentators on the internet also applauded the presenters for their keen enthusiasm in Ghanaian culture and heritage.

“This is who we are as Ghanaians and African’s. Culture is our pride❤️❤️❤️,” posted instagram user, amewehanthony.

Kente, which has its origins from Bonwire in the Ashanti Region, is a handwoven textile made from silk, cotton and rayon. In ancient times, it was worn only by kings and members of the royal family. Presently, it is worn during euphoric occasions including festivals, weddings and  independence day celebrations.

Berla styled her colorful green and yellow patterned Kente with an elaborate Tekua hairpiece whiles Cookie T opted for a blue and silver pattern ,with strong Ashanti inspirations.

The men – Roland Walker and Owuraku Ampofo – paid homage to gallant Ghanaian kings in Kente and Adinkra cloths respectively.

All four also accessorized with Ghanaian beads, gold trinkets and traditional slipper also known as ‘Ahenema’.

Kente represents Ghana’s rich culture, tradition and heritage that we all should be proud of and it’s heartwarming to see these TV talents serve us a cocktail of these designs.

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